Berry-mix smoothie

I just made this up, but I thought I’d share, since it turned out quite delicious. It’s a pretty basic smoothie, I’m sure, but no one ever taught me how to make one, so I’ve just been making stuff up with whatever I had around. This recipe calls for a standard-size blender.

Berry-mix smoothie

1lb fresh strawberries
1/2cup sugar
some milk
some preserves of a berry other than strawberry

Start by rinsing your strawberries and coring them. Don’t bother cutting them into pieces, just toss them in the empty blender. Add milk (skim is recommended, though 2% or whole should thicken more) until the strawberries are about half-covered. Add 1/2 cup white sugar*. Add two tablespoons of any fruit preserves. Berry preserves are recommended. I used Blackberry Preserves today, but I’ll use Boysenberry Preserves later this week. Cover and blend on ‘Blend’ for at least thirty seconds or until everything appears to be thoroughly blended. Serve immediately for freshest flavour.

I think I’ll have another glass.

I just looked it up – There are about 8 grams of dietary fiber if you drink the whole thing. Delicious.

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