Should I cancel the party?

The Purity Test Challenge 2002

So far I have two people out of town, two people who think they’ll be out of town, two people who think I’m secretly planning an orgy, and two people who don’t think there’s any way for them to reduce their purity scores, so why attend at all? That and another two or three who haven’t even responded to my email or posted anything in the forums to give their excuse, and it’s looking like the first party won’t be coming together the way I hoped it would.

That, and everyone has already gone and taken the test. I don’t know about you, but I’m not one to spend a couple of hours taking a purity test in preparation for taking the exact same test a week later. I don’t expect you to be. I’m thinking that what might work better is for everyone to submit their starting purity scores (most of you have already got one, unless you’ve gone out and done something strange since you took it), and then have everyone attend the followup test the last weekend in June. That’s the one you really wanted to attend anyway, since that’s the one with the prizes, right?

This way I don’t have to take the time to clean the place up for another month, right? And you don’t have to take the test again for another month, and everyone has plenty of time to mark their calendars and not go out of town, right? My 96% pure roommate can move out and I don’t have to worry about making her uncomfortable just by living my life anymore.

Oops, this post is turning into something it wasn’t supposed to be. Still, I don’t think the party this Saturday night is coming together. If you had your heart set on going, let me know, and I’ll let everyone else know it’s back on, but for right now I’d just like to plan on having everyone send me their exact Purity score by the end of the weekend, and we’ll plan on having the followup party Saturday, June 29th.

To clear it up for everyone: I was never planning an orgy, I was just encouraging you to have an orgy sometime in June with your choice of partner(s). I was simply planning on having some friends over to play a party game that happened to involve asking people to measure their Purity, and at a party a month later, to measure their change in Purity. I wasn’t asking anyone to come become more impure with me, or in my home, or even suggesting that I planned on doing everything I could to become more impure myself. Typically when taking the Purity Test in a group, no one even reveals what they have and haven’t done (unless they’re proud of it, or something).

Incidentally, I have heard more inaccurate things about this party second and third hand than makes sense. Like all of a sudden everyone’s talking behind my back about my own party, and somehow it became much more than I planned without me knowing about it. Except not in a good way. The rumor mill this time seems to have actually killed the party by making it sound like more than it was. For those of you who killed the party, and I hope you know who you are, just read the name of this site to yourself. That’s how I feel about you.

The rest of you are welcome to come over to my place this Saturday night. Instead of a purity test party I’m having a hardcore bareback orgy and opening my home as an opium den (first time’s free, one night only!) and a full bondage/fetish brothel. You know, the regular Saturday night gig.

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