Search Keyword: Modern Evil

For the month of April, more people found Modern Evil and it’s blogs through search engines than ever before. Many of these were usual, expected searches like the most popular “stick figure comics”, followed closely by “evil poetry”, and even just “evil”. All good, relevent things for people to have searched for and chosed my site. Then there are the other 80 things people searched for. Here are some highlights in alphabetical order (click for commentary):

dental hygene (2 hits)
thirteen ghosts font (2 hits)
2 evil guys
3r33t hax0r
angry lobster logo
basic highschool physics diagram
biore strips bad for skin
boys showering with mom fantasy stories
carved wooden couches
carved wooden liquor cabinet
cetaphil moisterizer
damsels distress naked school
evil teddy bear comics
ford focus zx5 review
i would like to buy a bowel
lobster eyeballs
logo for k-pax
need a moisterizer for combination skin
new vw bettles
old movie poster photoshop
only starfish comic
powerbook mainboard change
proper dental hygene
rip foster
tennis court and golden mean
tony and guy” products hair

Most of the people who followed the link to ME from google appear to have become somehow confused about what they were looking for. If you were looking for sites relating to “lobster eyeballs”, why would you click on a link to Modern Evil? We don’t have any lobster eyeballs. Trust me.

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