So, I just took a nice little walk down to the rental agency now handling the lease on the house I live in. There, I filled out the form to request that my lease be renewed for another year. The current lease ends 6/30/2002, so I knew that within the next 15 days or so I would be receiving notice that I would have to renew or leave, and how more much they expected me to pay to stay. I decided that this year I would pre-empt them. Partially because I wanted to ask to be able to paint the interior walls of the house, and the current lease says I’m not allowed to. Partially because since moving to Tempe I haven’t lived anywhere longer than about a year, and I really like it here, and unless they raise the rent an insane amount, I’ll still be able to afford it, with or without Angela paying half. So, now I’m going to go program the VCR to tape TV for me while I write, write, write. Yep. That’s what I’m going to do.

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