Novel Progress Update:

Well, I seem to have got stuck right after I started page 15. Not that I couldn’t think of anything to write, but that something about the way my mind operates prevents me from getting anything worthwhile done while other people are around & awake. I was starting page 15 on Saturday and my roommate came home and didn’t leave again until just before my Sunday night block of TV started, so no more work got done.

My roommate announced that she is moving out, which could help, except that she’s probably not moving out until the end of the month, so … that doesn’t really help. She’s unemployed, to boot, so she’s ALWAYS hanging around the house doing nothing, which makes me want to hang around the house doing nothing with her. I mean, if she were getting something done, I wouldn’t have much trouble getting something done myself. I got some really good work done in the yard this afternoon by convincing her to work in the yard with me. I know that if she were just going too be sitting inside doing nothing or watching TV, i would have had a very hard time motivating myself to get any of it done.

I realize that this is a major psychological problem that could prevent me from getting a lot of worthwhile work done as my life goes on, but … I’ve always believed that it was a part of my empathy. That I’m in tune with the people around me. So that if there are people around getting things done, I’m automatically on the same wavelength and want to get similar things done. It is easy for me to do yardwork if someone else is doing yardwork at the same time. It is easy for me to clean up around the house if someone else is cleaning up around the house. It is easy for me to br creative and get a lot of work done on writing or painting or drawing or whatever else if someone else is doing something creative as well. If the only person or persons around are vegging out, their inertia gets to me. Until they reach deep sleep.

When everyone in my viscinity is sleeping, really deeply sleeping, I have no more trouble self-motivating than if I were alone. Perhaps even have an easier time doing all things creative, being in tune with nearby people’s dreaming minds. So, when I am alone, or when everyone is asleep, I am up to my own mind about what to do, and at all other times I must go with the flow or try to redirect other people’s flow to match what I need to get done.

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