It gets worse

I guess someone bothered to look at the open ports on the server today, because the IT manager came over and asked me to uninstall MSN Messenger. This is extra fun, because uninstalling MSN messanger disables MSN Explorer, and as I may have mentioned here before, there is no way to get one’s Favorites out of MSN Explorer once it is disabled. Theoretically, if I log into MSN Explorer from any machine in the world, I’ll have access to those favorites, and thus the sites I visit every day, but until such a time, I am now working from memory again. Clearly this is a combined failure of MSN Exploer being able to export its favorites, and MSN Messenger not being able to limit incoming viruses enough, such that our IT dept. has determined it is a major risk to network security.

This is on top of the new bug I found in my coding for Modern Evil, which caused the server to not understand certain entries’ posted dates, and pushing them out of “most recent” qualifications, even if they had been written just minutes before. I’ve got about halfway through fixing this, and it will probably take me at least another hour once I get home, which is where I am going now, but I’ve been running into a few upsetting problems today.

Plus, in the midst of fixing the problem, one of the posts that popped up is a post from my mother saying she thinks I censored her. As it is, it was a glitch, not a censor, and if she’d perhaps emailed or called me instead of posting another post on a site that clearly wasn’t updating properly, I might have had this fixed much sooner. What is it about my crazy family that makes them so crazy all the time? If you have a problem, why can’t you just say something directly to the person you believe is causing the problem? Why speculate publicly about something you haven’t even taken the time to try to address privately first? I don’t get it. I’m going home.

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