A thought I share with Fury

Kevin Fox said at fury.com:

“I’m afraid of success. As long as I’m not giving my 100%, then I can’t fail inside, because I could attribute the failure to my not giving my all. But, if I do give my all, and it turns out to not be enough, then it’s not that I failed, but that I’m incapable of success.

I like creating things, and often feel a sense of loss, of time wasted, when I do things that don’t have permenent, tangible end products.”

I am fairly certain that I’ve made both of these statements, almost word for word, within the last couple of weeks, or had them made to me, about me. These are things that I have been trying to adress and reconcile within myself for quite some time, and I am having varying levels of success. Like writing a novel, finally. I’ve been putting that off for fear of failure for a long time. Now the only way I could fail would be to quit; I’m not trying to write the great American novel, I’m trying to write 50,000 words in 30 days.

I haven’t been painting enough lately. I think that if I get far enough ahead on my novel this weekend, I’ll take an afternoon or two next week to paint. It’ll be a nice diversion.

Did I have a point here? Probably not. I was just reading Kevin’s site and it resonated with me, and I thought I’d share. Then the babbling began. Have a nice day!

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