By myself I’m baking

Brownies for dinner again.
Craving something else:
     Tongues touching,
     soft lips on
     supple skin,
     four arms holding
     warmth together.
Smiles through kisses.
Chocolate’s not the same.

Remembering something lost.
Innocence and happiness:
     Before sex,
     being together
     meant everything,
     holding your hand
     really meant something.
Simple pleasures shared.
Everything has changed now.

Thinking too, too much.
Looking for something:
     Too much meaning,
     connections to
     someone else,
     something lasting
     with a name.
Aware of an ending.
Overlooking simply living.

I want it back.
The way it should be:
     Young hearts,
     full of hope
     and dreams,
     blind to
Bliss without agony.
Baking brownies together.

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