So many calls

For a variety of reasons, some of which having to do with my ability to handle calls faster than other technicians, but also with their avoiding calls (sometimes legitimately, I’ll admit, but often less-so) left and right, I consistently take more calls than anyone else here. I always have. I don’t try to. I used to make myself believe I wanted to, but now … I don’t want to. I don’t seem to like taking so many calls. So many more calls than anyone else. I’ve been working on taking more breaks and not hurrying when on with customers who don’t really need any more help, and I haven’ taken double anyone’s call volume in a while, but I’m still 10-30% ahead of the next guy in the pack. It’s overwhelming sometimes, because when it seems the worst, I’ll be taking call after call after call, faster and faster as I realize that each of the other technicians has been on the phone with the same customer for 15.. 20.. 40 minutes while I’ve been talking to every other person who decided to call in. Sure, I also get calls that last a long time, but not nearly as many as these guys. Sometimes I can’t even tell they’re on a call; they just sit quietly, playing online games, not saying a word – presumably they are listening or waiting for something to happen, but … it happens an awful lot. I just get frustrated sometimes.

Maybe I should sleep more on Sunday nights, so I don’t get so frustrated Monday mornings.

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