No naps for me

It’s sad, but I can’t really take a nap on my lunch break to try to make the rest of the workday more bearable. I don’t have a car to go nap in, and whereas some employees could get away with curling up under their desks for a quick nap, I understand that my snoring is apparently a thing of wonder and fright, and is not a safe thing to subject unsuspecting strangers to. (It may in fact, now that I think about it, be the reason for more than one breakup that I didn’t quite understand…) So, while I don’t feel exactly as bad as I did a couple of hours ago, my eyes are complaining at every chance they get and I keep experiencing headaches bordering on the level of migraines. Luckily the headaches seem to come and go. More luckily, the day seems to be going by pretty quickly, though that may be because I’m aleep for 1/3 of every second.

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