I’m dreadfully ill

I’ve only been at work for about an hour so far, but I’m beginning to feel that I should have stayed home again. Except that I only get 3 paid sick days a year, and I’ve used 2 already this week. I just want to go home and sleep. Still, I think that even if I were going to go home it would be a good idea to at least wait for the sun to come up. It were dreadfully cold out when I rode in this morning, which can’t be good for the healing process. Probably the bike-riding and the waking up before 5AM aren’t good for it either. Think maybe I’m pushing myself just a little too hard lately? Maybe.

I think the real reason I got sick in the first place is that I’ve been so depressed and upset lately. It’s interfered with my sleeping and eating habits and weakened me physically as well as emotionally, allowing this awful malaise to creep in and take over. I worry now that if I don’t do something to address my emotional discomfort, I will experience physical disease again before too long. Which I suppose is why I came to work today; I expect I’ll need the other sick day when I get sick again later.

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