Digital imaging

So all of a sudden I’ve got an itch to get my fingers into digital imaging. I’m not sure what for. I don’t really believe that I do a lot of things worth photographing, though I do see the value of photographing the physical manifestations of my art, so I can show it to the world online. I can think of few projects to do with a digital camera. Current consumer-level digital cameras do not provide sufficient resolutions to produce quality prints (though whether any photos I take would be considered quality photos is questionable itself), so the only reasonable output is digital or a composite. With that in mind, it occurred to me that I probably don’t need any more resolution than the full resolution I normally set my CRTs to (which convientently happens to be about 1.3 megapixels), since most conceivable uses for the camera would require output to be smaller than my screen.

Interestingly, entry-level digital cameras are now in the 2 megapixel and higher range, so I can get a camera that suits my needs for a steal. Except … I would like to pay off my new computer before making any new purchase. Except that I would like to have the digital camera to use WITH my new computer. Maybe in 6 to 8 weeks when I get the $150 rebate for purchasing MS Office v.X and a Mac at the same time, instead of applying it toward my Apple Loan, I’ll use it to buy a digital camera. I’ve waited 23 years for a digital camera. I can wat 6-8 more weeks for one, right? Sure. At least digital photos will be cheaper than Polaroids.

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