The problem with the Maytag Neptune

I own/use the Maytag Neptune washer and dryer. They are front-loading machines that use less water, less soap (although strangely, I pay more for special low-detergent soap, so I’m not saving anything there but the environment), less energy, and cause less wear-and-tear on all clothes than a standard washer and dryer. They seem to get clothes cleaner, too. This is all great.

Except… with little-to-no wear-and-tear on my clothes, how long will they last? I used to wear the same few clothes for five years or more, only buying new clothes when it was called for by my job or my growth. I recently noticed myself wearing some of the same T-Shirts I wore in High School. It wasn’t like they were packed away somewhere; I’ve been wearing them pretty consistently for 7-10 years. I’ve worn holes in pants from bike-riding, and I’m sure that top-loading washers contributed to the problem because I haven’t stopped riding bikes, but since I got the Neptunes, I haven’t worn through any pants.

It occurred to me a few minutes ago that I may be wearing this outfit again and again for a decade or more. Is that right or wrong? Is this outfit generic enough that that will be reasonable?

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