The Internet is expensive

I have just worked out for the first time exactly how much all my web stuff costs me. Right now, all the services I’m paying for for the four domains I own (,,, and, including registration fees and hosting and related services through cost me $308/year to continue renewing. Since I bought different services and domains at different times, I have never had to pay this much at once, though I did pay $195 for hosting of all these sites from May ’01 – May ’02, and will have to pay at least as much again when that runs out.

Right now I am not paying for any internet access, but even if I went with 56k, I’d have to pay for the phone line too, bring the cost of internet access to a healthy $40/month no matter what option I go with (and the options are dwindling). Forty dollars a month is another $480/year, which would bring my total expense on internet-related services to $788/year.

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