Stupid Internet

My IT department here at work allowed the proxy server to have problems ALL DAY until a few minutes ago. Worse, my webhost decided that yesterday was the day to move my site to a new server. In the process they changed the path of my mysql server, disabling my forums until I could go into the configuration files and mofidy them. Which, since I still don’t have internet access at home wasn’t until my IT department got off their lazy bums and reset the DNS cache of the proxy server. Anyway, it should all be up and running smoothly now.

I wish I had internet access at home. It is getting more complicated all the time.

I couldn’t get Sprint Broadband internet access where I live because there’s still a tree in the way, but I called them to see if/when they would be introducing the technology that would allow me to use cellular upload, and their recording now says that they “are no longer accepting new customers.”

I can’t get Cox@Home yet because they haven’t laid the fibre in Tempe yet. They do offer the Cox@Home express service, which is phoneline upload and cable-modem download, but that would involve buying a QWEST phoneline, and a new 56k modem and a new cablemodem compatible with that service, and pay the monthly fee on top of all that, and that is too much expense for a substandard service.

I haven’t called to ask yet, but I am assuming that I can’t get QWEST DSL. First, I don’t currently, nor have I ever, had QWEST service of any kind. Second, the phone lines in my neighborhood are all aboveground lines. Based on my understanding of the DSL technology, the chances of getting a good DSL connection over aboveground lines is very low. In addition to this, I already own a multiuser cablemodem, and would have to purchase a DSL Modem to connect via DSL. So, if it comes down to it, I may just call them and ask about rates and getting the line tested, and rates for hardware, but I’m not looking forward to it.

Another option available to me is a standard dialup connection. I would have to purchase a new 56k modem (My first high-speed connection was before 56k modems hit the market. My last modem was 33.6k.), buy a phone line from QWEST, find a reasonable internet service provider and pay for their service, and suffer with a slow connection. Not really even considering that one, but I have to mention it since so many people out there don’t consider anything else.

I realize I’m being a sort-of broadband snob, but … Again, I haven’t used dialup for years. I got my first high-speed internet access in my home around three years ago, which is a LONG TIME in internet years. I’ve had high-speed internet access in my workplace for about four and a half years. I can’t conceive of something else. It is just a fading memory like a dream I had once. Low-speed internet access doesn’t really exist, does it?

So, that’s my current predicament. Sprint isn’t accepting new customers, Cox won’t have full service broadband until maybe next march, QWEST’s services require a large up-front cost, and … what was the other option? No internet access at home for the forseeable future.

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