Just before sleep, I mumble to myself…

So tonight instead of working on comics or paintings or drawings or poetry or stories or a novel or 3D modelling or scripting more comics or developing better JavaScript or reading the books I want to or anything else creative, I turned my own procrastination against myself and did the dishes and the laundry and cleaned the kitchen instead. This is something that I feel will make a particular friend of mine glad and upset at the same time. Upset because there was nothing she could do to convince me to do the dishes and clean up the kitchen and when she got off the phone with me she didn’t think it would get done. Glad because it got done. Perhaps upset again because of how I responded to her, if I was going to comply with her request anyway. I do not feel that I mis-represented myself to her. I feel that at the absolute worst, I might have mis-represented myself to myself. I’m losing steam. I have to wake up in 4, maybe 5 hours.

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