Is it motivation or experience?

I have been there before, but I just went to Stephanie D. Lostimolo’s online portfolio again, and in my current mindset, I am in awe and baffled at the same time. The last time I saw her work, it was just, but she now has an online comic on the site as well: Schoolbooks & Brimstone. Now, since she has been drawing all these characters for so long, I assume that there is some already established background story, at least in Stephanie’s head. I assume it because I can almost read the story just looking at some of the images she’s created. Before I even got to the comics archive, I felt I knew several of the main characters pretty well.

That is the kind of artwork I wish I had the determination and experience to do. It just blows me away. I see it, and I know it is beautiful and well done. Then I look at it carefully to try to learn from it, and I feel like I don’t know anything about coloring, and I feel like I have no experience with sketching and inking, and I worry that I will never reach this level of expertise. I will work this weekend to see what I can do.

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