Dental care from space

So, I saw those TV commercials for the new Crest brushes that have stationary and oscillating bristles, and whereas I was already interested in getting en electric toothbrush, I considered the cost prohibitive. So, the upteenth time the commercial for the brushes came on, I noticed that they said the MSRP was under $7. $7 is a lot better than the $35 that other electric toothbrushes start at, so I decided that it wouldn’t hurt to pick one up.

So, I was out shopping this weekend (I may post an entirely self-pitying, depressed post about THAT later on), and I stopped at an Osco to pick up some blonding and one of these Crest electric toothbrushes. Only $6.50 at Osco, and available in a variety of colors, not just the white I had been shown. Hmmm… Purple and White, Red White & Blue, White and Purple, Barbie, White with Purple dots and trim, or Space-faring Radioactive Rocket Ship with pilot’s head as on switch? Hmmmm…

So last night I was brushing my teeth with the oscillating tip of a tiny man’s space ship…

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