The best laid planns of crazy men…

I was planning on stopping by Safeway on the way home from work and picking up a couple of items I forgot when I was there the other day – sliced meat & toilet tank tablets – and then swing by the Walgreens that has my developed film from last week (when we dropped it off, Iain really wanted to know what sorts of pictures I was taking that required 7 days to process… I wouldn’t tell him), and then go home. This excursion would have taken an extra 1/2hr at the most, and would have allowed me to eat more than one kind of sambwich for a few more days, and (if the price was right) would have given me more film for my iZone camera. I sure do like tiny little pictures, and I want to take some at the party.

Instead, I must hurry straight home so that I can wait for the Roto-Rooter guy to show up and take care of a problem with our disposal that has been the same problem for over 6 months. But, Iain noticed it recently, so it had to get taken care of right away. So, he got on our landlord about it, who scheduled Roto-Rooter to come out tonight, between 5 and 7. I don’t even get off work until 5, and it’s no less than 25 minutes to get home on my bike. Longer if my back tire goes flat again. So, I’m thinking of going out later to pick stuff up. I’ve already cancelled my sleep early plans for tonight anyway, so I think I’ll just make an extra trip. The exercize will probably do me good. Make up for the meat on the sambwich I’ll surely have while waiting for Roto-Rooter-guy.

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