Reaching Zero Balance

It is unfortunate that I will not reach a Zero balance between all my accounts for over a year (possibly two years; I haven’t finished the calculations). I am doing my best to cut down my spending overall to be less than what I earn, but I’ve already done such a good job spending money I don’t have yet that it’s a wonder I spend anything at all these days. I just can’t seem to let myself stop having a good time just because I’m in debt. I’m paying off my debt at a VERY reasonable rate. All my accounts are kept current and as a matter of habit I pay no less than twice the minimum payment on any card, though I pay as much as my income will allow on the card with the highest itnerest rate.

After this move, I will not be putting anything new on any of my cards. Because I have a roommate who doesn’t ever pay rent, I’ve had to put a few of my expenses on credit this month, but as soon as he pays me, those monies will go directly to preventing interest charges from applying. The really important thing for me right now has been making sure that I’m scraping by and not springing a leak. I guess I discovered that through creative financing, I could go about 5 months without payments from one roommate (that is how far he was behind at the beginning of the month) before I am no longer able to manage paying all the bills comfortably. Which says a lot for my financial savvy, considering I didn’t balance any of my accounts for most of the last year. Anyway, I’m looking forward to getting a little more breathing room after I’m able to know what my bills will be instead of guessing all the time about whether I’ll be paying for one or for two.

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