Another Saturday night where I went out alone

I just met a great guy. Well, he seems great so far. He has a very handsome face and quite a lot of charm. He also works in the computer tech field, which is nice because I’ll be able to have a broader range of conversations with him than with people who aren’t. He’s young, but not too young, and what I’ve seen of his body appeared to be quite to my liking. He has captivating eyes and a familiar sense of humor that I enjoy.

He also lives in Phoenix and does not drive. I also met him at Rocky (not the best place to try to pick people up if you’re interested in a serious relationship or a lasting relationship or a healthy relationship). He also smokes, which is something that I can tolerate but that can really turn me off, and which I don’t allow to occur in my domicile.

He also left me with a very nice kiss. I won’t try to describe it, I’ll just say that it was very appropriate, and very, very nice.

You can meet him at my party.

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