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So, I was thinking of just adding a comment to my existing log rambling about looking for a house in the area I want to live in, but I decided that since I’m not bothering to scroll down to see if there are new comments, no one else is, either.

So, Like I said, I’ve contacted some people about possibly buying a house, and based on the information they game me, that I would probably be able to afford around $100,000, I started doing some searches online for homes for sale in 85281/85281 under $110,000. Unfortunately, this leaves basically condos/townhomes and houses east of McClintock. Truly, the houses east of McClintock in Tempe are closer to where I work, and about as far from my gym & grocery stores, but I’m not sure that I really like the feel of that neighborhood.

I mapped the area that I have decided is where I would really like to end up living, and it is a pretty small place. About 2700 feet on one side and 3000 feet on the other. ASU’s Main campus is bigger. It is quite a lovely little neighborhood, though. I really like the feel of it.

I’ve been discussing it with people, and they agree that that is a great little neighborhood. One of my longest-running friends, Zoe, said (before I told him exactly what neighborhood I wanted to live in, but after I said Tempe) that he would love to buy a home in that area. When I’m in that area, I know it’s Tempe. It feels like Tempe. The area just south of the University north of Broadway also feels very much like Tempe. It is a little more … welcoming. Other parts of Tempe look and feel like they could be anywhere in the valley of the sun. I’ve been all over the valley of the sun, and it is so much alike from one side of town to another, just an endless suburb with no real urban center, and a few small pockets of personality.

Downtown Tempe feels like an urban center. These parts of Tempe feel like a real place. There is personality here, and it is a personality that I love. Now, the area south of the University has some VERY nice homes, that are quite a bit out of my reach. Selling in the $250,000 to $4.5million range, they are nice to look at, but not for me just yet. Rentals in that area have a very reasonable starting point of around $1400/month, but moving upward if you want more than 800sq.ft. or so.

Well, I’m running out of time so I’ll cut to the point. I found a home available for rent in the Tempe Area that I originally wanted. Right in the heart of it, actually. 2bd, 1ba, $725/mo, available at the end of this month. I’ll get some more info on it later this week, but if it has W/D hookups, it should be good. Better than buying a home in the wrong neighborhood, I think.

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