Slowtime time again

[post transcribed from a paper journal]

“Reality is the expression of one’s personal delusions rearranging one’s personal perceptions.”

As time flows steadily past you and those around you, I trudge slowly forward through a sea of temporal misgivings. If ever I stopped pushing steadily forward through the medium of time, I would be stuck with no motivation to ever move again. The torture of a continuation of this that surrounds me is almost too much to bear as it is, and I fear that if I ever stopped, it would be far too much a burden to take it up again. All things stopped; perfect peace; would be an oasis of calm that I would likely be ready to drink from until I wasted away into non-existence. Would then time march forward, unhindered by my laziness? Perhaps then, I should look at the drag I put on the natural flow of time; when I am gone time will shoot forward with unrelenting speed. If this is true, then perhaps my stay here should be cut short; only for the good of others, mind you, not to give myself the rest I need.

Sigh… such contemplations of things is unneeded and unneccesary – I should limit its place in my life.

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