Speed Racer

Mandy and I went to see Speed Racer last night, and we both loved it.  Laughing out loud, clapping, jumping out of our seats, cheering and hollering…  We found the movie to be very engaging.  We both agree that if that is what motor sports was like, we would watch them.  I mean, that stuff is awesome.

In addition, as we got to see the world the film takes place in, the megalopopis city at the heart of it is just breathtaking.  If there was a GTA-like game (ie: open-ended, explorable, sandbox type environment with cutting-edge graphics) set in that world/city, I would have a reason to buy that game.  Ooh, and if it WAS part of the GTA franchise, if you got to play as those goofy gangsters, the central story line might actually be fun for people to play!

Of course, the hyper-saturated colors of the world, especially of the wardrobes, was awesome.  If I could buy clothes as brightly colored as that, I would.  I have only seen one or two garments available for sale with as richly saturated colors as most everyone in Speed Racer was wearing throughout the film, and I bought them immediately, or lamented their not being available in my size.  Bright colors are awesome, and I wish clothes manufacturers thought so.  It’s almost enough to get me to take up sewing, as well, and make all my own clothes from scratch.  Almost, but not quite.

Oh, am I not saying much about the movie?  Watch the trailer, it’s just like that, I don’t need to tell you.  Oh, and I apparently missed it (on account of I try to avoid watching anything with commercials in it, if possible), but it was directed by the Wachowski Brothers and James McTeigue, with visual effects by Gaeta, which is largely what made the whole film an awesome experience.  If I could afford it, I would go watch it again and again to try to catch all the thousands of tiny but wonderful background details in the effects shots.  John Goodman was great.  Matt Fox was less than great, but … alright.  Susan Sarandon was … busty.  Like, stuffed bra, like, distracting.  Anyway.  Speed Racer.  Fun!