Not a good day, so far.

Oh yeah, this was a personal online journal, too, right?  I can, like, write about my life, and stuff, not not just write about work all the time?  I remember when -and this was when I worked for someone else, see- I refrained as much as possible from writing about work.  Except when I didn’t.  (Definitely pissed off some bosses, now and again.  Started doing friends-only LJ posts for those times…)  And now, here I am, and most of my time, most of my life, is spent working – and most of my posts are about same.  Must be the whole self-employment thing.  Between that and the idea that the actual core of my work – the painting, the writing – is something I (mostly) enjoy doing, it seems to fill my time pretty well.

Not today so much, so far, which is what I want to write about here, today. Continue reading Not a good day, so far.