A "Hackers" review

[post transcribed from a paper journal]

I saw the movie “Hackers” on Saturday, and although it wasn’t as realistic as it could have been, I had decided to like it before I went instead of questioning it like so many others, so i thought it was a really good movie. (Cool sentence, eh?) I had been hoping to convince a lot of people to go see it with me, but things didn’t quite work out, and only one person went with me. Luckily, that one person was not only a close friend and hyped about the movie, but he is a fellow hacker. So, all through the film we had a grand time watching the characters doing things we had done, except they did it with all the glamour that Hollywood adds to a movie. Thus, we essentially turned a serious action movie into a comedy merely by pointing out such things as that the basic nature of computers is entirely different from the way it is depicted in the film. Overall, though every move was expected, the movie kept me entertained and was well worth the (Gag) $5.75 I paid for it.

Pell Grant money came in!

[post transcribed from a paper journal]

Wednesday, my check came in. That is, rest of the money from my Pell Grant was sent to me. You see, as a result of being a member of a family so poor it has begun to be entertaining figuring out where the next meal is coming from, (slight exaggeration, perhaps) The Government is paying for my schooling. In fact, they have allotted me about $1200 per semester for PVCC. Of course, since I’m only allowed to take so many classes (I’m in 17 credits worth of classes right now), and I only need so many books, I only spent about $580 on classes and $200 on books.

The remaining $460 had to be sent to me as a check, which I received on Wednesday. I then, yesterday, opened a savings account with Desert Schools Federal Credit Union, payed my dad the $80 that I owed him for school supplies, and took another $60 to go on a date tonight.

What a beautiful girl

[post transcribed from a paper journal]

Addie stopped by Monday evening. Apparently, she had been out driving, and her mother had decided that she should visit me. It was completely unexpected because I hadn’t been able to get ahold of her that day, and she had never just stopped by before. She brought me a copy of The Doors of Perception/Heaven and Hell that her mother thought I should read. That, too, was unexpected, although not entirely bad.

I had seen Addie just two days before, yet as she had approached my door, I realized that she was much more beautiful than my memory depicts her. I kept thinking that she was the sort of girl that, were I not already going out with her, I would be totally attracted to. I will be sure to treat her that way from now on.