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I’ve just put six (or so) titles on sale for $0.99 apiece at all major eBook retailers. Find all the relevant links here. These are the titles I’ve had at $2.99 for most/all of this year which, as I stated recently, saw only diminishing sales at their reduced prices. Instead of simply continuing the experiment for the full year, I’ve decided to see whether somehow $0.99 is a “magic price” that, with a little more marketing, can transform my sales. The sale runs through the end of the year. (I reckon to catch those post-Christmas, new eReader, eBook buys, eh?) If sales volumes actually do anything interesting, I may extend the reduced prices indefinitely.

So: If you’ve been putting off buying my eBooks because $2.99 was just too much money, or if you downloaded them for free before but can spare a buck apiece for them, go buy them now. If you know people who you think might try a new author at a price like $0.99, please, send them my way. Tweet about it. Share it on Facebook.

This sale includes all of my most-popular titles (by sales volume), including both of my latest novels, Sophia and Emily, my zombie novel Cheating, Death and my zombie/christmas short story Last Christmas. It also includes my collection of hard SciFi short stories, Time, emiT, and Time Again – and for the duration of the sale I’ve also made the individually-available short stories from that collection free at select retailers. (i.e.: The ones that will let me make eBooks free.) Finally, it includes Yoshira Marbel’s poetry collection, Unspecified, and the Amazon Kindle Select “exclusive”, Untrue Tales… Book One.

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