I did get the iPhone 5

I did get the iPhone 5. None of the tricks/tips I found for trying to fix the home button on the iPhone 4 worked (WD-40, rubbing alcohol, blowing air, and various software things), nor did they kill the button/phone. Mandy and I discussed it, our upcoming expenses & plans, and decided that, for example, the iPhone’s home button was more frustrating to her than the couch’s failing springs -and replacing the couch will cost a lot more than the iPhone- so we pushed the couch replacement back another several months (unless we find an amazing deal on a couch we love, at just the right time) and I bought the iPhone with my Apple credit card (okay, it’s technically Barclay, but I got it when buying an iMac interest-free, it generates iTunes cards when I earn points, et cetera) which gives me 6 months interest-free for buying it at an Apple Store.

It’s pretty great. Love the extra screen space without the device being appreciably larger – it seems the increase in device height is about half as much as the increase in screen height. Plus the screen is brighter, with better color, a better camera, and everything is faster – not just because of the LTE (which I’ll rarely use), but because of the processor and RAM. We did stay on the old/unlimited plan, for now. Ooh, and the sales rep at the Apple store was even able to get me the extra sims & setup needed to to the phone-swapping/contract-swapping musical-phones routine, so I didn’t have to go into an AT&T store at all! A very smooth procedure. A very happy outcome.

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