Book pricing update / Phoenix Comicon price list

I’ve had about $131 in book sales since I last updated prices (I think $110 of that is from selling 4 paper books), but it looks like it was only enough to lower one of these prices. (The closer a title is to its price floor, the more copies need to sell to drop the price again.) Unless I sell more paper books (other than Never Let the Right One Go, whose $35 price is fixed) in the next week and a half, the prices in bold (rounded to the nearest dollar, for cash sales) will be the price list for anyone looking to pick up some of my books at Phoenix Comicon, May 24-27.

The prices for my books are: paper / ebook:

Looks like the only things I’ll have priced over $10 are books which contain more than one novel. Hopefully, that’ll help spur sales. The Lost and Not Found Universe 5-pack of books is only $39.95 at these prices. The full Untrue Tales… series can be had for just $0.99 more than I was asking for each trilogy this time last year. The complete Modern Evil package, containing a copy of every single book, would only be $139.89 (a little over $150 with tax, so I’ll say $150 for cash customers) – that’s for all 18 books, containing over 825k words.

(Ooh, just realized that, with the books I’m planning on writing next, I’ll jump past 1 million published words within my first decade of publishing. It won’t even be hard; if each book of the new Dragons’ Truth trilogy is around 60k words, that’ll cover the distance alone – and I’ve already got another book well under way that I expect to be again as long as that. What a fun milestone this will be.)

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