Never Let the Right One Go – full cover preview

I’ve been having trouble getting much recording done, as expected. Hopefully next week will go better. I think I’ve decided that “Beta” readers (of which I have few, having converted most of my old ones into First Readers) will be getting the file late (still probably a month or more before “publication” but without much time to give me feedback before I print the hardcover version) and any errors they find will be corrected in the eBook versions, only.

Today, unable to get any recording done due to noise issues, I worked in Photoshop, instead. I’ve finally received permission from both of my preferred photographers to use their images on the covers of my new books, so I spent the afternoon re-altering the image for Sophia with the full-resolution original and I spent the evening laying out the full-spread dust jacket for the flipbook. Here is a preview of what the book’s cover will (probably) look like:

I reserve the right to continue tweaking it, as needed. In fact, if you have constructive feedback, I’ve got time to work improvements in, as needed. The image I’ve uploaded is around 1/5 the actual resolution I’m working with, and it’s still probably too big to fit on your screen; sorry.

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