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This is me getting a little ahead of myself, but I want to start looking for Beta Readers for my new books. I’ve only received feedback from about 1/4 of my First Readers, and I haven’t begun working on the rewriting, yet, but the time for Beta Reading is coming up soon: I’ll want people who can make time to read two short books (about 130k words total) in the second half of March, 2012 (or the first half of April at the latest), with an eye toward finding all the small errors. Typos. Incorrect word use. Confusing sentence structure. I’ll be doing my best to catch errors before sending the texts out to Beta Readers, but there are always more errors to locate. If you would be willing to help, please contact me.

In addition, I’m looking for people willing to review the books. Beta Readers are included. The Beta version of the book will be 99% of the way to the published edition, and suitable for reviewing. I’ll be able to deliver the eBook to reviewers in/after the same time period (mid-March to mid-April), with expected publication in May, 2012. Realistically, I’m aiming for a May Day (5/1/2012) publication date. (That’s when I figured I’d need to have the book ready to send to my printer to have the hard copies at hand in time for Phoenix Comicon.) I’ll encourage all my Beta Readers to write reviews, too, but the more reviews the better. If you would be willing to review the books, please contact me.

What are the books about? Here are the blurbs and covers I’ve got, so far:

Before she met Nicholas, Emily believed the vampires had her best interests in mind. Now she stands by his side in the fight for what’s right, while waging her own campaign in the fight for his heart. Emily follows Nicholas from the woods of Vermont to the White House and home again, putting her life and her blood on the line for a cause almost as important to her as the love she feels for him. (Cover image adapted from a photograph by Danila Panfilov.)

Sophia’s conservative Christian parents have kept her isolated from the outside world for the last ten years. Is it any wonder she wants to move out the very night she turns 18, then falls in love with Joshua, the first young man she sees? Complicating Sophia’s quest for love are her body, frozen at age 7 when she was turned into a vampire, and her faith in God, making her passions feel like sins. (Cover image adapted from a photograph by Jesse Millan.)

Sound interesting? If you want to be a Beta Reader or reviewer, please contact me. Comment, email, call, text, tweet, facebook, G+, USMail, whatever you prefer. Only digital copies will be available for this pass, but I can make the books available in most eBook formats (ePub, mobi/kindle, PDF, etc). I look forward to hearing from you.

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