‘Blank Canvas’ Art Sale

I’ve only painted 5 new works in the last two years. Three were commissioned and two were for the covers of my own books. I want to get back to painting, to creating new art, and I want to try new things. All the art I’ve made in the last 15 years which I haven’t sold or given away is hanging on my own walls, staring back at me day and night, showing me what I’ve already done. Showing me where I’ve already been. I look around me, and I can’t seem to get a grip on the future, when all I see is the past.

I’ve taken this time away from my art, given myself some mental space, and looking back on my work now I see it with new eyes. I can see what’s good about it, but I also want to start with a clean slate. I want to move forward. I’ve decided to try to get most of the art I still have on my walls into the homes of collectors and fans, and return my own walls to the blank state that calls out for new creation.

Until the majority of my work has found loving homes, I’m taking any reasonable offer. I’ve updated the prices on each image’s page at wretchedcreature.com to reflect what I think a fair range of prices would be, but if you still can’t afford a piece you love, consider ‘telling me why you love it’ part of your first payment – tell me why you love it and make an offer you can afford, and I’ll probably give it to you.

In fact, if you’re reading this and have the mental overhead to consider such a thing, I’ll give you everything at Buy One, Get One half-off. What that means in a “no reasonable offer refused” sale is up to your imagination.

Also: I’m going to use any proceeds from this sale toward the publication of my upcoming duology, Never Let the Right One Go, since it won’t have any original cover artwork to sell for fundraising. If you buy art between now and its publication, I’ll send you free copies of the eBooks. If you buy two or more pieces, I’ll send you a free copy of the signed limited edition paper version if/when it gets published.

So: Buy art for yourself, buy art to give to your friends, add a little color to your life. Take advantage of this ‘Blank Canvas Sale’, help me create amazing new images in the future, and help me fund my new books.

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