Crumbs left over from: Numbers, 2011

While preparing to write my big, long post with all the numbers from 2011 (and Q4/2011), I took the following screen grabs from Smashwords and iTunesConnect, showing a snapshot of my sales through various sales channels:

Apple eBook sales 2011
Smashwords eBook sales 2011

As you can see, the numbers are as small as I’ve been telling you. This isn’t the whole picture; there’s also a few dozen kindle sales, a few direct BN sales, my half-dozen direct Smashwords sales, et cetera, but I really liked that iTunes chart showing I usually only sell  two or three eBooks a month through Apple. Then the Smashwords summary of the year was also a bit dismal, so I captured it, too.

Then I totally forgot to include them in my big numbers post. So here they are.

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