I’m so glad it’s nearly over

For the last week or two, I’ve been quite tempted to just go upload all the remaining episodes of Untrue Tales… Book Six to Podiobooks.com and be done with it, forsaking the schedule I painstakingly designed and then promised to my readers/listeners. I’m sure some subscribers would have been happy to have the rest of the book sooner, but since the end of the book was available in print and as an eBook on April 1st, and was completely available on the Modern Evil Podcast about a month ago… they could have gotten it “early” one way or another. On the other hand, when I promised books four through six I said there would be new episodes of Untrue Tales every week through the end of June, and I haven’t missed a week yet, and we’re there. I suppose that I could release the last episode today, since it’s the last week of June, and not be contradicting myself by putting it up a couple of days early? Bah. I’m going to stick to my Wednesday-release schedule for Podiobooks.com.

Either way, I’m glad it’s nearly over. I’ve been wanting this series to be behind me for quite some time. Also, this is the last remnant of any ongoing work for any of my existing projects. After the final episode of Book Six is uploaded to Podiobooks.com, everything is potential future projects. Stories I haven’t written yet, books I haven’t read yet, art I haven’t thought of yet… no schedules, nothing set in stone, nothing ongoing or weekly or really even seasonally or annually, since my plan for this vampire duology doesn’t neatly fit NaNoWriMo, just… nothingness. Err.. I’m supposed to say “possibiltity” instead of nothingness, right? Make it seem less suicidal to be happy to be clearing my plate?

Anyway, the final episode of Untrue Tales… Book Six, the final episode of the entire six-book series, goes live at Podiobooks.com this Wednesday. Perhaps I should write a paragraph or two to hand Evo to post on the Podiobooks blog when it goes up, commemorating the end. I’ll think on that.

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