Smashwords formatting update

In reference to the frustrations I voiced in a recent post, I just spent the last several hours removing trailing spaces from all the paragraphs of all 23 of my eBooks, and adding extra line-breaks where I’ve already got page breaks but didn’t previously think extra line-breaks were appropriate. I did not change my titles or cover images. Then, as I made changes to book after book, I uploaded them to Smashwords.

About half of them are finished going through the meatgrinder right now (there’s been a queue of between 160 and 220 eBooks waiting to be processed all afternoon), and they seem to be being approved automatically by the AutoVetter for “Premium Distribution” within another few minutes of conversion. I do not recall ever having seen the system work so smoothly or automatically, even prior to the introduction of “Premium Distribution.”

Well done, Smashwords! I may be stubborn and opinionated about how I want my eBooks to be formatted, but for anyone willing to follow your (relatively straightforward) guidelines it looks like your system is actually approaching both easy-to-use and works-right. Hooray!

…now, to go figure out about getting ePub versions of my books ready for Google Editions and Goodreads.

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