Book giveaway for Time, emiT, and Time Again

As you’ve seen, the fundraiser for publishing Time, emiT, and Time Again was successful. My most generous backer also had an excellent seed of an idea for a new story, so I’m mulling that around and developing an entire world from it for some small glimpse of the idea to be shown through my words. (That ended up being an awkward sentence…) I’ve painted the cover image. I’ve done most of the edits for all the (as-yet-written) stories, put them together and sent them to my Beta Readers. (We’ll see how many send anything back… If you’d like to offer your assistance & haven’t already received a copy, please just ask and I’ll be glad to add you as a Beta Reader.) I’ve assigned ISBNs for the print and eBook editions of the book. I’ve added the book over at, and as of today, I’m doing a giveaway there.

Enter for your chance to win one of nine (9) copies of Time, emiT, and Time Again.

In order to do that, I had to set a publication date. I usually play by ear and… well, I haven’t written the final story yet, so there’s got to be some flexibility there, but this time I’m trying to do things with a bit more than the usual padding. So the ‘official’ publication date is June 30, 2010. Which is when the contest at Goodreads ends. Enter today!

Why nine copies? Nine is a recurring, if not consistent, number in more than one story in the book. Plus it appears 3 times on the front cover (sortof)…. If you can tell me how to read three nines from the cover of the book (no, not including the 6), I’ll send to the first person who responds correctly in the comments of this post a free signed limited edition chapbook of Second Thoughts (one of the stories in the book), or a coupon code to get the eBook edition of Second Thoughts for free from Smashwords (depending on their preference).

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