untitled poem about web development

I’ve just posted this to the Modern Evil Podcast, so you can listen to me read it, but I think it might work better on the page than read aloud. I just wrote it last night, so it isn’t much edited, polished, and isn’t titled, but as I mentioned before, I’m feeling pressure about falling short of my podcasting … so, here’s a new poem:

I’ve taken on a job
I am both
     loathe to do &
     wish were already done,
a job I am more than capable of
lowering myself
     and my standards
     and my
            productivity on
         my own work
to accomplish.
To do what I’ve been avoiding
   Working for someone else
   Building a generic
              clone of a site
   Learning all that e-commerce
   Sitting through meeting
             after meeting
             after meeting about it
   Waiting for groupthink
All in the midst of my own crippling
All instead of anything I’m interested in.
 (If I were to give the opposite of
  an Ignite Presentation
   (Talk about your passion!)
  I might talk for five minutes about
  modern web development.)
Troubleshooting the irrational behaviour of someone else’s CSS
/* Professionally-developed CSS */
I take long breaks.
I’m confident that with 8 good hours
I could show more results than their
last year’s work.
But there are so few
                     good hours
right now I’ll be lucky
to get 8 good hours all week.

I’ve taken on a job.
I wish someone else would.

—Teel McClanahan III

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