Podcast Numbers addendum (2008, 2009)

So, I put together that long post about numbers the other day, but I left out some of the numbers. Because I consider them to be less valid. But gosh, do they look more impressive! So, here are the TOTAL downloads for my various podcast novels. So for a book like Lost and Not Found, broken into 18 parts, the number is probably over 18x the number of actual listeners. And for books like Forget What You Can’t Remember and Cheating, Death where I intentionally made the episodes half as long (15min average, instead of 30), the numbers look even more impressive than that! And yet, still so much less impressive than the numbers for the actually popular podiobook authors, whose downloads are hundreds of thousands per book.

  • Dragons’ Truth – 11,458 downloads in 2008, 15,985 downloads in 2009: 27,443 total downloads
  • Lost and Not Found – 2,906 downloads in 2008, 18,251 downloads in 2009: 21,157 total downloads
  • Forget What You Can’t Remember – 43,218 downloads in 2009
  • Untrue Tales… Book One – 35,704 downloads in 2009 (~9 months)
  • Untrue Tales… Book Two – 27,178 downloads in 2009 (~6 months)
  • Untrue Tales… Book Three – 13,502 downloads in 2009 (~4 months)
  • Cheating, Death – 11,899 downloads in 2009 (~2 months)
  • Total downloads in 2008: 14,364
  • Total downloads in 2009: 165,737
  • Total of all my Podiobooks’ downloads as of 12/31/09: 180,101
  • Total downloads of MEPod as of 1/8/2010: 24,229
  • Grand total of Podiobooks + MEPod: 204,330

So there’s some bigger numbers. Still long-tail sized numbers. Even within podcast audiobooks, I’m a small fish. But 204,330 looks a lot better than the 11,119 downloads of just the final episodes of my podiobooks. Puts the donations in perspective; for every ~6005 downloads of my Podiobooks, $1 is donated. Podiobooks.com’s $0.25 cut wouldn’t cover the bandwidth cost of those 150Gb+ of downloads, so I suppose it’s a good thing they aren’t being charged for bandwidth.

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