Cheating, Death – unboxing the paperbacks

Wow. I didn’t intend for it to work out exactly that way, but it looks like Cheating, Death went from word one to paperback book in my hand in exactly a month. On September 23rd I started writing, and today (October 23rd) I received my initial shipment of paperback copies. I blogged about writing it as I wrote it, a chapter or two at a time (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7, 8 & 9, 10, 11, 12, 13), and about a few other things, in between. I actually finished writing the first draft on October 8th, only 15 days after beginning it. I edited it, copyedited it, and had a couple of people beta-read it, designed the cover, and then submitted it to Lightning Source (my printer) on October 13th, they “approved” it on October 16th, then they printed my order of 52 copies, shipping it Monday, October 19th. Since I selected the cheapest shipping method, UPS Ground, it took all week to get here. So, from first word to finished book in 15 days, to edited book in another 5 (which is when it was available as an eBook, via Smashwords and on the Kindle, for $4.99), and now it’s available for order directly from me (yes, and from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, et cetera) in paperback for $9.99. I’ve already recorded the audiobook (though it needs to be edited and mixed into 3 different versions), and will be podcasting it as soon as my current audiobook is done, beginning 11/13.

But now to the unboxing. I ordered 52 copies. Why 52 copies? I don’t know. I’m crazy. Or… Well, I got a nice discount per copy by ordering more than 50, and 52 was the most I could order for less than $150 (including shipping). Yes, they cost roughly $3 each, to me. So when you buy from me for $10, I get $7 per copy. If you buy from someone other than me, I get $2.42 per copy sold. ($9.99 x 50% wholesale discount = $4.99 – $2.57 print charge = $2.42) Please, buy from me, and if you don’t buy from me, buy from a local independent book store (they can order it, just give them the ISBN: 978-1-934516-05-8). Anyway, I ordered 52 copies which is less than a single case, so here’s the box they sent me (click any image to see it larger):

And here’s the book, in my hands, and front and back (see full cover) side-by-side:

And here’s what 52 copies looks like, on my bed:

Now, one of those is already addressed to the Library of Congress, and I’m giving 5 away via Goodreads. Anyone who pre-ordered a copy from, I’ll ship out this weekend. Have you ordered your copy, yet?

Ooh, or are you a book blogger interested in reviewing a zombie novel? I can send you a free PDF of the book (or give you a Smashwords coupon, if you have a preferred eReading format) immediately, and if you’re interested, will also send out free paperbacks to bloggers who want them. I haven’t nailed down a plan or limit for this yet, so if you’re interested, or know a book blog/blogger I should contact, please let me know. Post a comment or send an email to

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  1. Already have a couple of responses from book bloggers; nice. Thanks, Rachel, Maya, and Mandy! Tell your friends!

  2. Hello

    I am a book blogger and I would be interested in reviewing your novel.. Amazing how quick that went…wow. My daughter has written and finished a novel and is working on her second. She was contacted by a publisher and it would cost over $1000 and of course like I said she is an aspiring author so does not have the $$$ to do this at this time. So anyway I digress. Congrats on the book!!!

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