Things I’m not doing, Labor Day Weekend, 2009

A few things I’m not doing right now / this week / this weekend, which I would like to be:

No, I know, I couldn’t possibly be doing all of those things at once.  Probably not any two at once.  Luckily for me, between not having any available financial resources to undertake such a thing and having so many things I am doing (list below) right now / soon, I didn’t have to make the hard decision of which one of these things I would like to do.  Except maybe I’ll go ahead and try to write a book in three days, even though I forgot yet again to officially register.  Did I tell you I wrote 95% of Untrue Tales… Book Three over a Labor Day Weekend?  The things I am doing:

What are you not doing this weekend?

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2 thoughts on “Things I’m not doing, Labor Day Weekend, 2009”

  1. Yea for the things you are doing!
    What kind of rip off is that 3 day writing thing anyhow?! You give them $50 then work your ass off? Sounds like a bizarre-o world. I'm on your side, just write the damn thing and be happy with your accomplishment, then if you like it, publish it 😉
    I can't wait until the hole in my leg heals up and I'm allowed to go to things like Art Fairs again.
    Love ya!,

  2. I think you're basically paying them to read your finished book, and to have a chance at being published. It's been running for a long time. Obviously, with me, (really with anyone, now, because of POD) it makes less sense to enter such a contest. If I write a book this weekend, you'd better bet it'll at least be an eBook within a few days (at most) and a print book within a few weeks. Because that's how I operate.

    Today's #followreader discussion was all about what books people were looking forward to this Fall, and at the start they asked Publishers to name the books they were excited about publishing this Fall. I … well, I just stayed away from the conversation, because I don't think that way. As a publisher, I put my books out as soon as I have them ready for print, and as a reader, having to wait for books to come out just makes me unlikely to ever read them. I pre-ordered the new HHGTTG sequel a couple months ago and I'm already bored with it. It won't even ship for another month and a half, and I'm already bored of reading it! Sigh.

    But yay, indeed, for the things I'm doing! I didn't add to the list the books I am expecting to publish this Fall, starting with Cheating, Death – because I haven't written them yet. But … soon. I'm almost done with my zombies research, almost done with the cover art, and will start writing it … soon. I'll let you know.

    And I look forward to seeing you out and about, again!

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