Cover for ‘Cheating, Death’

I’ve just been working on the cover image for my next book, Cheating, Death.  You can see what I’ve come up with, below.  This version of the cover is for the eBook, for now – I haven’t written the cover copy yet, assigned ISBNs, et cetera, but I want to publish this book as it is being written, so I needed a cover before I started writing.  I’m very nearly through with my zombie “research” -which in this case means reading a bunch of zombie books- and expect to start writing it soon.  I’ve actually also been doing a refresher on adultery, since it’s one of the most obvious elements of the book, right after the whole … zombie outbreak thing.

Anyway, your feedback on the cover image is appreciated, if you have any.

Cover image for my upcoming novel, 'Cheating, Death'

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