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For the month of July, the easiest way to get my eBooks on your eReader or iPhone for free will be via  (My eBooks are always available for free on  For owners of the iPhone/iPodTouch, just go into Stanza (a top-notch eBook reading app with access to many full catalogs of eBooks), navigate to the Smashwords store, and search for “Teel” (that’s me!) using the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of the app.  The coupon code to get the books for free is “JFREE” and it works throughout the month of July.  Be sure to check out the entire promotional catalog (you can’t miss it in either the iPhone app or on the web site) to find thousands of other books that are discounted (or free) during this promotion.

Why free?  For the reasons I’ve already covered, and also because I recently set all my eBooks’ prices to under $2 on Smashwords and in the Kindle store.  Try them, buy them, tell your friends.  You can’t beat free.

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