formula for fiction, a poem

I’ll probably record this for MEPod tomorrow. (Done. Hear it here.) I just wrote it. It’s …. it’s what I’ve been thinking about. Getting ready to write a new book. As an experiment, I’m thinking of -experimentally- writing a formulaic book that will be easy to market. In possibly related news, I have a headache. Also, I think I can hear something moving around in the walls. (Hopefully not a moose.)

formula for fiction

protagonist plus
antagonist and
conflict, action; stuff happening.
motivation, goals, and consternation.
overcome only
in the face of new obstacles

some reason to exist
some reason for the action
some reason for the goals,
   and to work against them.
some reason to care about
   the characters,
   the resolution, and
some reason to hate the antagonist.
some reason to
               the next
  no reason to think.
         or to read it again:
       only to read another.
throw it away, buy another,
             and another,
           and another,
         all the same.

—Teel McClanahan III

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