Unfocused, energetically mushy

From me, on Twitter, a few hours ago:

My mind is all mushy. Too much free energy, perhaps. Too many little things bouncing around and off each other. I need a lens.

Signs I have not been blogging enough: It’s June 4th, and there are no June blog posts yet!  Tragedy, I know.  This is why I’m not a “blogger” as they say.  I just don’t care enough, especially about posting on any well-defined schedule.  I want to post when I have something to say, not to have to come up with something to say because it’s time to post.

Unfortunately, right now, I don’t have much to say.  My mind has been … swimming, lately.  Ungrounded.  Unfocused.  A lot of incomplete thoughts and ideas and plans floating around, but none of them sticking.  Nothing really coming together.  Not enough focus.  Ooh, maybe a list will help:

  • Write a study guide, annotated edition, and/or companion to Dragons’ Truth
  • Paint some new paintings
  • Figure out how to use manipulation of relativity for 1/2-done, broken story
  • Write 3 or 4 new time-related stories
  • Get over fear of marketing
  • Get ready for First Friday Art Walk
  • Work on Sin Eater book
  • Decide how you want to record Lost and Not Found & prepare for it
  • Do some more videos
  • Do something with your mess of a hair-do
  • learn bookkeeping/accounting/something
  • clean
  • play more Rock Band
  • twitter more
  • plurk more (or …less?)
  • edit existing time-related stories
  • work on painting of “The Phoenix & The Lobster” as it is being called around here
  • put together a mailing list
  • figure out some new ways to market books
  • buy some pegboard hooks
  • wire up more paintings
  • speaking of which, select the paintings I want to take with me to the Art Walk
  • start a new poetry journal
  • blog more
  • add dragonstruth.com to teelmcclanahan.com
  • add Chapter 1 of the D’T audiobook to dragonstruth.com
  • link to dragonstruth.com from the listings for D’T on Modern Evil Press
  • cry
  • write study guides for the time-related stories
  • figure out why ASU hasn’t re-admitted me yet
  • do I really want to go back to school in the Fall?
  • is it actually a good idea to go further into debt?
  • I know it’ll help keep the bills paid, and I’ll end up with a Fine Arts degree, but… I worry
  • last month I only had $175 in revenue, and over $600 in business expenses: WTF?
  • the bulk of that was to be able to make the audiobooks, but so far: Zero Sales
  • probably because of very little marketing
  • probably because I don’t like marketing
  • bleh

I don’t know.  I don’t know.  I just don’t know.

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