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Dragons’ Truth, which has been available in paperback ($12.99) for several years, is now also available as an audiobook in two physical versions.  I made the little video above (less than 90 seconds – you have 90 seconds, right?) to show them to you, inside and out.  Dragons’ Truth is a 4hr, 24min audio program, read in its entirety by myself, the author.  The entire audio content of the book is available, under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike license, to remix, re-use, mash up and re-purpose (please email me if you do, and I’ll link to it).  The two versions are:

The entire book on 1 MP3 CD for $12.99:

  • A single CD-R disc
  • Individual files for each chapter
  • Premium Jewelbox
  • Two-page insert with CC license info.

The audiobook as a 4-disc audio CD set for $24.99:

  • Four CD-R discs with matching labels
  • Individual tracks for each chapter
  • Blue multi-disc wallet
  • Two-sided insert with CC license info.

Please visit http://modernevil.com/ for more info, or to order Dragons’ Truth in any of the available formats.

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