The white noise of diminishing returns, OR: How not to record an audiobook

Shoot, is it Thursday already?

My life is Hell, in fast forward, sometimes.

Did you know that making good, clean, audio is tricky? Yeah. Like, a week and a half, out the window, because I didn’t know I was doing it wrong, and I still haven’t quite got figured out how to do it right. Call it two weeks lost. And now there’s a garbagetruck, I don’t know, revving its motors outside.

Free movie might be better than art walk. Stubbing my toe might be better than recording the audio wrong again. So I’m frustrated and paranoid, tweaking and adjusting and fiddling with things. I probably won’t know when it’s “good enough” anymore, since I thought it was good two weeks ago and have since learned that it’s not. Sigh. I don’t know what to do.

Go have breakfast, I guess. In an hour, I get to drive across town to pick up the generator to power the lights for my space at First Friday. Too bad I can’t listen to my iPhone in the car, or I might have been able to catch up on some podcasts.

Hope you’re having a better life than I am.

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