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So, that last post is the first of what I hope is a long, long list of posts I make as I try to study the entire Bible. I’ll try to study at least a chapter a day most days. This is something for me, for my own understanding, since I’ve never actually read every single book and chapter in the bible. The “summary” I wrote is also primarily for me; if I can re-write it in my own words, I not only know that I’ve gone through the whole chapter in enough detail to understand it, but I can go back in the future and see what I wrote, see what I was thinking. Then if I have an additional interpretation at a later date, or a more refined understanding, or if I personally want to cross-reference something, I can go back and add comments (or updates to the post) to extend what I’ve said.

And hey, if you read my summary and disagree, you’re welcome to comment yourself. And if you read part of it and want to read more, there are links to the original verses, so even people without their own bible can read along with the actual text instead of my interpretive summary of it. As always, I encourage you to read the bible for yourself in whatever (or as many) translations as you are comfortable with, and make your own choices about what it’s about.

Oh, and hey, if there is another religious text that you think I should be reading (such as the Koran or the Book of Mormon or the Mahabarata) and would like to donate a copy of the book to me (and/or link me to a website with the full and easy-to-access text), I will certainly consider reading up to three such texts concurrently at approximately the same rate, and with the same level of personal study, and with my own reading posted on the site as well as a link to (or quote of) the original source. I was raised Christian, but I’m glad to study other religions with an open mind.

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