The Cat In the Hat – movie review

I loved it. I knew going in it was short, I knew coming out it was short, but not once during the 74 minutes of the film did I feel like it was a short movie. Considering it’s so short, I wondered why so many people, adults and children alike, didn’t seem to like it. Then it occurred to me that they had all probably read the book, and right before seeing the movie.

This is not Harry Potter.

You will not find a careful, line-by-line conversion from book to screen here, and if you look for one, you will be disappointed.

What you will find is a movie where “you can have as much fun as you want to, and not get in trouble.” SO, if you want to have fun watching this movie, you won’t get in any trouble for it. It’s in the contract. So go, see the movie (on DVD, if that’s your preference) and enjoy it. Try to remember that despite the title and characters and general theme of a cat wreaking mayhem with two children, it is onlyinspired by that book. Not actually based on it.

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