Lost And Not Found – Advance Paperback Edition 0.7

So, based on my current estimates I will not be likely to complete the Audio Version of Lost and Not Found before the year is out – unless things go my way and I find myself with several uninterrupted days to work on it. I expect it will take me another 75-80 hours to complete the Audio Version. I also expect that I will make many small changes to the text as I go, reading it all aloud, that enhance the “flow” of the text but do not change the story in any major way. Thus, when the Audio Version is complete, I will have the “Final Revision” of the text at the same time.

In the meantime, since the story is ostensibly the same and fully readable (it has already gone through multiple revisions and a careful review process), I am making the paperback version of Lost and Not Found available today. If you just want to read the book, not listen to it, this is probably the edition for you. Again, there will only be a few small changes, mostly to word-order, between this version and the version I will make available later.

Pre-orders will remain available for the final version, and a PDF version will not be made available … yet. This version of the book is 5% off the expected final price for the paperback of $20.

You can order it here.

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