Terminatrix 3: Reloading the Machines

Warning: Possible Spoilers ahead!
So, err… yeah. I just finished watching T3. A whole lot of jibber-jabber about how you don’t have control, the people with control just want you to think you do, and how you can’t really make a choice to change the outcome of the battle of man vs. machine because the choice has already been made and you just need to understand it… And how the female lead is destined to fall in love with the main character (the one with all the destiny) …

It was a movie about how mankind created an AI, and then the AI waged war against man using its own weapons, thus becoming the architects of their own demise. Except that instead of watching it from the perspective of the lone human that is fated to lead the resistance against the machines AFTER the war begins, this one is from the perspective of the lone human that is fated to lead the resistance BEFORE the war begins, and how he survives the war.

In case that doesn’t make sense, I’m saying we’re looking at the events leading up to the beginning of the war, instead of the events leading up to the (presumed) end of the war, like in that other movie trilogy about the same thing.

I can see how some people would say that the special effects in T3 were ‘better’ than the special effects in M2. Or at least on par. No 100 Terminators versus an invincible superhero, but the car chase in T3 may be more exciting and fun than the car chase so lauded in M2. Of course, I need to take another look at M2 pretty soon, but … yeah. Quite a car chase.

What else? Rogue AI spouting prophecies about the main characters’ futures while telling them they have no choice. An underground fortress to hide the human rebellion from the machines’ war-making. Knowing from early in the film that a main character’s love interest is destined to die, and how it happens. Finding out that making decisions that change the future don’t allow you to change your destiny. Which movie am I talking about now?

Actually, the high-energy and fast pace of this movie hardly slowed down at all. It is relatively short, especially compared to the length of it’s doppelganger, M2, which allows it to come to a satisfying climax before you’re really ready for it to be over. Plus, since while metals and skin and bones and electronics and explosives and apparently hydrogen bombs can time-travel, clothes still can’t time travel, so that female TX model walks around nude for a while. OOH! And she drives the Lexus SC430 … I want one of those. The sexy killing machine bent on the destruction of the human race would be nice to have, too, but man. If I had the Lexus I could do that lunch date with Jen tomorrow.

There, did I say anything about T3? Whatever.

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